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Today's game from [livejournal.com profile] bsg_epics: How does your headcanon for your favourite characters vary from story to story? If you multiship your character in some way, how does your headcanon change between ships?

Most of my head canon is for Kara, and relates to her childhood. Like that Socrata caused the injury that meant she couldn't play professional pyramid or that her tattoo ("public property" in latin) is something Kara got because her mother was Gemenese and believed Kara was her property. Those little details and others come up in a few stories, though it's Fear and Freedom that comes to mind right now.

I don't know that my canon for Kara is different when I write her with Lee and with Leoben, or anyone else, but I think I write different shades of her. With Lee she's about the angst and whether she's as terrible as Socrata said or worthy of love; with Leoben she's torn between destiny and a love that can't die or walk away from her and the deep need to make her own choices. One of my favorite things about her (though I'm not sure if the show did it on purpose) is that Kara's the first person to meet a Cylon she knows is a Cylon and really connect with him in terms of his potential soul. I think her religion plays into that, and the darkness she's seen in people that means she doesn't hold humanity is such high esteem all the time, and it's something I've explored in many of my Kara/Leoben stories.

I also completely believed watching Someone to Watch Over Me that Daniel was meant to be Kara's father, and while it doesn't come up often in my stories, I usually go that direction when writing something epic.

And then I have random bits of head canon, like how Cain's little sister was the first hybrid, or Gina was first of the sixes to know she'd fallen in love.

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