What remains of my twelve colonies submissions for this round are below... It's been fun playing with you all! As for icons, help yourselves if you like :)

Unlikely Friends (PG)

She never had a sibling, or babysat. So Kara doesn’t know how to treat Boomer’s rescued kid except as a small adult, one she can bribe with cookies. Maybe that’s why it works.
But at the end of each day, when she gets back from CAP, Boxey’s laying in the bunk opposite hers, where Helo used to sleep before the world ended, waiting patiently.
Kara sighs, but it’s important, this ritual. She takes the Tales of Artemis from her shelf and opens to their bookmark. He falls asleep after three pages.
She smiles, closes the book, and watches him sleep.


and another )


Gifs (made before I realized I needed to make them icon sized):



May. 29th, 2011 09:12 am

 My college has something analogous to LJ at it's most basic: every student and alum gets a page to post whatever they want, you can link to people you know, see who's read your page. Anyway, in advance of our college president going off for a bigger, cooler job over the summer, one of the '05s posed the question of which fictional character people would want to take over. And some '02 I don't know answered, "Laura Roslin, so we could have a betting pool on how many trustees got airlocked." Hee :) I'm still giggling about this hours later... 

Also, my favorite thing I wrote for Fun Friday. Rated R, of course.

Fight then Frak, Kara/Tigh )


May. 21st, 2011 10:32 am
 These were written for prompts in different communities, but they fit together so I thought I'd post them together here. They aren't graphic, but I'll say R for implied raciness. Also implied slash. Definitely crack. But theoretically plausible crack. :)


First, for a prompt about filling in Kara/Lee banter during Final Cut:

Plotting )


And the sequel, written for a Bacchanalia prompt about Kara/Tigh/?:

Murder )



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