These are from yesterday's game where people gave you titles to write the stories to match. Enjoy!

Quiet World for [ profile] newnumbertwo(D'Anna, PG)
Read more... )

Nightfall for [ profile] plaid_slytherin(Bill, PG)
Read more... )

One Hundred Percent Wrong for [ profile] astreamofstars(Gaius, Lee, PG-13)
Read more... )

The Path Not Taken for [ profile] sira01(Kara/Lee, PG-13, angst!)
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The Edge of the Universe for [ profile] puszysty(Sam/Kara, PG)
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The Brilliance of Joy for[ profile] sunshine_queen(OC, PG)
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For the "friendship and support" challenge on bsg-epics today. Some of them are a little angsty, but here you go...all more or less PG:

One Time Thing (Kara & Socrata) )

It all starts here (Kara & Dee) )

Nugget (Kara & Helo) )

Ambrosia (Kara & Ellen) )

Aftermath (Kara & Hoshi) )

Rescue (Kara & Laura) )

PTSD (Kara & Gaeta) )

Faith (Kara & Mathias) )
I've written rather a lot of comment!fic for No-Takebacks over the last few weeks (I'm running the DPP this week, you should come hang out!) and I'm finally getting around to reposting. All Kara/Lee, obviously. Here they are in case you missed them:

Through Zak's Eyes (PG13, 230 words) )

Mr (Vice) President (PG13, 300 words) )

Life and Death (R, 300 words) )

Hug (PG13, 210 words) )

Trust (PG, 200 words) )

Kiss (R, 430 words) )

P.S. How exciting is it that cuts seem to be working again?! :)
embolalia: (Kara/Laura)
From [ profile] geekbynight (oh my gosh, the rich text thing did that so nicely! usually I forget the bit of code and have to go look it up :)

Cliché Fic meme: Give me a character or pairing and a fic cliché. I’ll write a ficlet incorporating the character(s) and the cliché, but taking the cliché in an unexpected and very un-cliché direction
I grew up with the NY Times :)

So, I wrote lots of little things this week for different comms, all short. Here you are:

Daybreak Insert (for no_takebacks)

“You know what the best part is about this, the diaspora?” )


Sexting (for bsg-kink) -- this one's rated R, K/L
He’s not sure he’ll ever be able to look at her in a flight suit the same way again. )


Last, a set of drabbles that are named, on my computer, "Kara's Catwalk Therapy." These were written for a guessing game on bsg_epics where the challenge was to write drabbles with a nameless character and have everyone guess who you were trying to write. They've all been guessed over there, but you're welcome to take a stab at it if you missed the game :)
Characterization Drabbles
Kara's Catwalk Therapy )



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