Well, this process definitely got me to write something I wouldn’t have written otherwise. I wasn’t set against the pairing or I wouldn’t have accepted the swap in the first place, but I probably never would have come up with this. I spent a lot of time discussing how to write these characters (mostly with Deborah, my swapper!) in a way that I don’t really with Kara/Lee because I already know how I write K/L. There have also been some good conversations about the process in general on Epics. In the end, I wrote Kara/Leoben in a very different way than anything I ever wrote for Kara/Lee--formatting, tone, all of it isn’t something I would think to do for Lee. I suppose what I’m saying is that Leoben as a character influenced the way I wrote him. Maybe my jokes this week about Leoben taking over my brain aren’t really jokes :)

Spoilers for Prayer )

Alright, enough rambling for now. Thoughts? Do you all find you’re writing in a different tone/format/style since you’re not using your usual pairing? How’s it going?

(ALSO apparently there’s a con going on 25 minutes from my house this weekend and Tricia Helfer is doing a session in a few hours. I’m trying to decide how awkward I’d feel going alone...or if it’s worth the money since I’m going to be unemployed after this week.)



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